Thinking of Selling Your Home?

Are you thinking of selling your home? Take a look at what ValEquity Real Estate provides for FREE when we sell your home!

Professional Staging

After our initial listing appointment, the first thing we do is schedule a professional stager to visit your home. The staging professionals will spend about 2 hours going through your home front to back, top to bottom. While they are in your home they will do as much work as possible. Whatever cannot be completed in the initial consult, will be left as a to-do list for you to complete at your convenience. If professional contractors are needed, we will offer recommendations for those services as well.

Professional Photography

We understand the majority of home buyers begin their search online which is why your home’s online image is so important. Once your home is ready for the market, we will hire a professional photographer to visit your home. One of the things we love about our photographer is their ability to make your home look big and bright, without distorting the colors or the view.

3D Imaging

Have you ever looked at pictures online and been unsure of the layout of the home? In addition to professional photos, we also provide a 3D walk-through of your home as well as a top down view of your layout. This in another way to engage buyers, capture and keep their interest.

Please contact any of our agents directly to schedule a private meeting to discuss selling your home. If you need help selecting an agent that is a good fit for you, contact us at or 614-375-1725.